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A Message from Beth Allshouse, President 2017

I encourage you to join us at MAESP as members, as advocates, and as influencers. There are rapid changes occurring in education right now. If we don’t speak up those changes will be made without our input. Who better to stand up and speak out than the educational leaders who are doing the job every day?    - Beth 


 Lori Phelps, Pricipal Woodbridge Elementary, Baltimore County with Governor Larry Hogan and Dr. Karen Salmon on the first day of school.  Lori had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Salmon about current issues facing our principals.

Lori is MAESP's newest Legislative Committee chair.  In Lori's words 'we had a rockin' start to the school year at Woodbridge and had Governor Hogan and the State Superintendent of Schools with us'!  See more first day pictures of Lori with her guests and students.

Topics and Issues:

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Upcoming Events

Oct 4

One Day Institute-Teaching the Whole Child

Establishing a Growth Mindset and Social Emotional Competencies -Integrating social-emotional learning (SEL) into Literacy Instruction


Nov 1

Teaching for Understanding with Jay McTighe

Join your MASSP colleagues and Jay McTighe, co-author of the Understanding by Design Framework. Discover how teaching for understanding differs from coverage oriented instruction.


Nov 10

Executive Board _Nov 2017

Executive Board Meeting 2017 with Steering Committee meeting 5:30 on November 10


Nov 11

Aspiring Leaders Workshop- MASSP Sponsored

Join your MASSP/MAESP colleagues in assessing and developing your administrative skills as you prepare for promotion. Reflective and hands-on activities.