Committees - Information

Standing Committees:

Contact Terry Ball at [email protected] to join a committee.  We  need and appreciate your time, energy and efforts to assist us in assisting our members.

  • Annual Conference                                   
  • Archives                                                    
  • Awards                                                      
  • Budget, Audit and Finance                       
  • Bylaws        
  • Federal Relations and Legislative
  • Professional Development
  • Research and Trends
  • Resolutions
  • Task Force                                 

Per the bylaws, the Chairperson of any standing committee, except the Nominating Committee shall:  recommend committee members for approval by the President, have the power to create sub-committees, and submit to the chairperson of the Budget Committee a statement of financial requirements.

 Annual Conference Committee -
  • plans and implements an annual conference
  • publiicizes and promotes attendance at the conference.
Archives Committee -  
  •    maintains in a current manner the archives of the Association,
  •    assures the security of the archives,
  •    produces an annual report for the year of each President.
Awards Committee - 
  • secures nominations from throughout the state for all awards given by the Association, 
  • arranges for the presentation of awards at the Annual Conference,
  • coordinates the application process of the National Distinguished Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year application process,
  • assists with the Ken Mann Scholarship, and MAESP Family Involvement Grants committees as needed.
Budget, Audit and Finance Committee - The committee shall include the Treasurer, President- Elect, President, Executive Director and at least two (2) other Executive Board members.  The duties of this committee shall be to:
  • collects budgetary requests from all standing committees and officers prior to the January Executive Board meeting each year, 
  • prepares a budget prior to the March Executive Board meeting each year,
  • submits the budget to the Executive Board at the March Executive Board meeting each year,
  • presents the budget to the membership for consideration at a General Meeting,
  • monitors the budget throughout the year,
  • makes an annual audit of the financial records between July 1 and September 1 and a formal audit at the end of each treasurer’s term,
  • reports the findings of the audit to the Executive Board at the September meeting,
  • presents recommendations as may be necessary.
Bylaws Committee - 
  • maintains records of past and present Bylaws of the Association and correspondence related to such amendments,
  • meets annually to review the Bylaws and make recommendations with rationale for revision to the Executive Board,
  • submits amendments approved by the Executive Board for inclusion on the web page and in the newsletter to be sent to the members at least one (1) month prior to a General Meeting,
  • presents the proposed amendments for consideration at a General Meeting.
Federal Relations and Legislative Committee – 
  • serves as the communication of information link from the federal level to the state in the areas of State and Federal Relations,
  • coordinates and/or attends major legislative functions,
  • contacts the office of state legislators to arrange meetings on the Hill for the State Leaders Conference,
  • updates the MAESP Executive Board on state and federal decisions throughout the year,
  • studies pending legislation which may affect public education,
  • informs the Association of its findings from pending legislation and recommend appropriate action,
  • testifies as necessary on appropriate issues.


Professional Development Committee - 

  • determines the professional development needs of the Association members  through survey, questionnaires, etc.,
  • keeps abreast of topics for professional development that are of interest and makes available to the Association,
  • enters, with the approval of the President and Treasurer, into prudent contractual agreements with groups, such as individual school systems, desirous of having MAESP deliver workshops and courses,
  • enters, with the approval of the President and Treasurer, into prudent contractual agreements with speakers and presenters desirous of providing services to MAESP,
  •  provides workshops, classes and courses for various educators, ancillary educational personnel, parents, etc., each school year. This includes scheduling, advertisement, registration, and the making of all arrangements for each workshop or presentation from start to finish.
Research and Trends Committee - 
  • studies the needs and welfare of the members, and propose and promote measures to improve the conditions when deemed appropriate,
  • studies state and nationwide trends that may affect the education of children,
  • studies state and nationwide trends that may affect the professional status of members of the profession, 
  • uses Educational Research Service to share relevant information with members at  Executive Board meetings, on the MAESP website or in the Executive Desk  newsletter.
Resolutions Committee - 
  • determines need for position papers,
  • decides if they should be called resolutions,
  • develops a standard format and process for such papers.
Task Force - The Task Force is composed of the past presidents of MAESP who continue to be active in the Association, the current President and President-Elect. The chairperson of the Task Force shall be the Immediate Past President of MAESP. Meetings of the Task Force shall be called by the President. The duties of the Task Force shall be to:
  • serves as an advisory body that meets for the purpose of reviewing the goals and direction of the Association,
  • makes recommendations to the Executive Board.