Family Involvement Grants - Overview

Once again, MAESP will award grants to MAESP members who create and implemente programs and activities in their schools that encourage families to become more involved in school and their children’s education. Six $500.00 grants applicants will be chosen by Carol Hahn, Grants Chair by November 10th.

The guidelines for the grants are as follows:

1.) The money must be used for a project(s) that will involve as many families from the school community as possible.

2.) The project should have a direct impact on students.

3.) The project must be substantially completed by end of March 2017.

4.)  The application must include a budget page outlining how the money will be utilized.

5.)  The recipients are expected to share the results of their project in a poster display with the MAESP membership at the Annual Conference in Cambridge, MD, March 15 - 17 2018

6.)  Applications deadline October 28, 2017.  Notification of grant awards will be made by November 10 th.

 Application- Family Involvement Grants 2018