Family Involvement Grants Recipients

Congratulations to 2017-2018 Recipients: More Information To Come!

Arthur Middleton Elementary - Principal Lou D'Ambrosio  Charles County

Deep Run Elementary - Principal Denise Lancaster  Howard County

Rockland Woods Elementary - Principal Hope Fuss   Washington County

Grasonville Elementary - Principal Carol Kamp   Queen Anne's County

Brooklyn Park Elementary - Principal Rodney Walker    Anne Arundel County

Pocomoke Elementary - Principal Michael Browne    Worcester County


Congratulations to 2016- 2017 Recipients:

Churchville Elementary, Harford County - Grant Contact: Lisa Minutoli

Grant Focus: Parent Resources for Literacy Learning - "Family Camp Out"

Principal: Audrey Vohs

Principal Email:

Fruitland Primary Elementary, Wicomico County - Grant Contact: Renee Hall  

Grant Focus: Parent Communication and Home Support  -"Llama Red Pajama Night"    

Principal: Dave Harris

Principal Email:

Greenwood Elementary, Somerset County - Grant Contact: Ashley Walters

Grant FocusMale Family Involvement with Fathers and Other Male Role Models - "Build and Grow"  Activity Nights

Principal: Ashley Walters

Principal Email:

North Bend Elementary, Harford County - Grant Contacts: Charlotte Rutledge and Becky Adams

Grant Focus:  Healthy Eating and Fitness - "Family Fitness Nights"

Principal: Robin Payne

Principal Email:

Northern Middle School, Washington County - Grant Contact: Jeffrey Byard

Grant Focus: Student Led Parent Conferencing - "Student Electronic Portfolios"

Principal: Beth Allshouse  

Principal Email:

Pocomoke Elementary, Worcester County - Grant Contact: Michael Browne

Grant Focus:  STEM Education - "Family Science/Outdoor Classroom and Planting"

Principal: Michael Browne

Principal Email: