Family Involvement Grants - School Principal and/or Assistant Principal Must Be a Member of MAESP

Each year, MAESP awards six Family Involvement Grants, each in the amount of $500.  The grants are intended for schools that wish to create and implement programs and activities that encourage families to become more involved in school and their children’s education. The money must be used for a project(s) that will involve as many families from the school community as possible and should have a direct impact on students.  Recipients of the awards are expected to share the results of their project with the MAESP membership with a poster display at the Annual Principals' Conference in Cambridge, MD.  For more information contact Tess Blumenthal at [email protected]

Ken Mann Scholarship

Based on Dr. Kenneth Mann's dedication and work for 29 years to his local school system as well as MAESP, this scholarship has been developed in honor of his accomplishments.  The $1000.00 award will be offered annually to recognize a successful elementary teacher education applicant whose qualifications meet the outlined criteria. For more information contact, Terry Ball at [email protected]

National Distinguished Principal and the Outstanding Assistant Principal - Nominees MUST Be MAESP Members For At Least Three (3) Years 

The National Distinguished Principals (NDP) program and The Outstanding Assistant Principal program promotes educational excellence for pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade schooling and calls attention to the fundamental importance of the school principal and the assistant principal. The program honors principals and assistant principals who have exhibited extraordinary leadership, commitment to their students and staff, service to their communities, and contributions to the profession, including their professional associations. For more information, contact Sue Myers at [email protected]