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President 2019 -2020

Tom Smith, right, with Past-President Lou D'Ambrosio, left, enjoying the stage at the March Leadership Conference 2019

Thomas (Tom) Smith, MAESP President 2019-2020

Tom has served in Harford County for 23 years; eight as a classroom teacher, four as an Assistant Principal, and eleven as a Principal.  He has also been a member of MAESP, NAESP and Harford County’s local HCESAA for the last 15 years.  Tom has served as Harford County’s representative for MAESP for the last two years. 

Tom has been the principal of the largest elementary school in Harford County for the last six years - Youth's Benefit Elementary School.  He recently completed the four year process of building a new school while school was on-site and in session.  All of this was completed while maintaining an extremely high level of instruction and rigor in all areas of the school.  Experiencing construction as a school and bringing three buildings together into one very large elementary school was a challenging but very rewarding experience.  The experience that Tom gained in going through this process will be extremely beneficial to him and the organization as President of  MAESP.

Tom may be reached at:

[email protected]

Youth's Benefit Elementary School
Fallston, MD 21047
Phone (410) 638-4190 
Fax     (410) 638-4193