3 Ways Educators Can Prepare for the Unknown: Jon Harper


October 20, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Imagine heading down the road above. You can see a short distance, but that's it. You have no idea what lies ahead. More of the same or something different?

Will we ever get back to the way things were or will this be the new normal? Nobody knows. There are so many unknowns right now which make it difficult to know how to prepare.

And yet, we must.  But how? We are not even sure what we are preparing for.

I have spent much time thinking about this and have concluded there are three things educators can do right now. While I don't what this school year will look like, I guarantee that I can help you be better prepared when the unknowns come your way.






Jon is passionate about helping educators with the social and emotional issues they face daily. He is the author of My Bad: 24 Educators Who Messed Up, Fessed Up and Grew, the host of My Bad and the co-host of Teachers’ Aid. During his 21 years in education, Jon was a nationally board certified teacher, a math coach and is currently an assistant principal at New Directions Learning Academy in Cambridge, Maryland. His writings have appeared in Education Week, NAESP’s Principal and ASCD Express. Jon lives on the eastern shore of Maryland with his wife, two children and energetic but lovable yellow lab.


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$ Virtual Session: 3 Ways Educators Can Prepare for the Unknown