Virtual Town Hall: School Re-Opening


January 14, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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WE need your voices!  Share your current concerns, thinking and plans for the re-opening our schools.   MSDE, state and local politicians as well as  parent groups are increasingly voicing their concerns and opinions about the need for an immmediate update to metrics and plans for the reopening of all public schools.  MAESP needs to hear from you so that we can support and advocate for you based on your thoughts, feedback and data.

Please join us Thursday, January 14th at 7 p.m

Think about what needs you have for the safe re-opening of schools - equipment, time, information, staffing.  What are your recommnedations?  How has your input been heard or utilized at the local level? 

What is your reaction to these quotes?

“When the metrics are met … but schools in some districts stay closed, I think that’s a problem.”   - Harvard Gazette, Harvard Chan School’s Joseph Allen  September 2020


“We as a society need to be making hard choices. We can’t do it all,” said Leana Wen, a visiting professor at George Washington University School of Public Health and former Baltimore City Health Commissioner. “If we are to prioritize schools we need to figure out what the trade-offs are we are willing to make.”  Baltimore Sunpapers, November 2020



See you on January 14th!  A Zoom link will be sent once you reigister.




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