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President's Report

Dana McCauley with Carol Ann Tomlinson at Annual Conference

As spring arrives and we begin looking ahead to  what the next school year will bring we have the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished this year. It is our hope that you found this year’s MAESP Conference beneficial to your professional learning and that you were able to find time to network and meet colleagues from around the state. We have examined all the evaluations and are using the information you provided to begin preparing for next year.

As we look forward we are encouraged by the number of members who have expressed interest in playing a more active role in our organization. There is a great deal of work to be down as MAESP continues to advocate for our profession at the federal and state level and provide valuable resources and support at the local level. “Many hands make light work”, and with the changes in policies and structures that may be handed down to the school level it will take all of us to be sure decisions made are in the best interest of our students.

We hope to see you this summer for the 2017 National Association of Elementary School Principals Conference, July 9-11 in Philadelphia. It is always a wonderful learning experience, full of dynamic speakers and presentations. Take time this summer to recharge and keep an eye out for updates and information from MAESP.


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Executive Director's Message

 Steve Hagenbuch

Every spring finds most schools in the same “rush” to close-out the year. Assessments are being completed, new students (particularly kindergarten students) are enrolling for next year, plans are unfolding for field day, field trips are on the schedule and middle school orientations occur. Planning for next year has been adjusted as a result of schools opening after Labor Day and since many folks didn’t have snow days, the summer could seem a little longer. Any way you look at it, the countdown is on.

I, myself, have a countdown of sorts, that’s on. I told the Steering Committee in January and the Board in March that my tenure as Executive Director is coming to a close. I will not continue in this role beyond June 30th of 2018. I wanted to be certain that sufficient time would be available to find my successor so it made sense to give everyone a year’s notice. I’ve enjoyed my time in this role and want to believe that this time has been productive for MAESP. I truly appreciate your support and engagement. Your involvement in our professional organizations is critical and more important now than ever, for you and our school communities.

Preliminary conversations have been held regarding this transition. I think that the Steering Committee will likely advertise for this “opening’ sooner rather than later. Making a decision regarding a new Executive Director will allow for a smooth transition and offer plenty of time to share information etc. At the same time, MAESP will be filling the role of Administrative Assistant. This position has been vacant since Nancy Kimball ‘s resignation in early October. Look for additional information and details as these processes unfold.

As we look ahead to the new school year, be sure to place on your to-do-list, a contact with newly appointed administrators. Many have been waiting for a long time for this opportunity and would welcome your contact. Send them a letter. Give them a call. Share information about MAESP and NAESP. Refer them to www.maesp.org so they can join or better yet, if you’re in a county with payroll deduction, make sure they have the details about joining. With our extended summer, it should be easier to find time to make these contacts!

All my best to you and thanks for another great year. I hope each and every one of you has a great summer and finds some time for relaxation and family!




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From the Editor

Terry Ball

The Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals is committed to support, serve, and advocate for our profession.  MAESP members have been instrumental in the past , including this Spring, at both the state and federal levels, supporting legislation that impacts all principals and how we impact students, familes and instruction.  Members of the Executive Board including Dana McCauley, Sue Myers, Denise Hershberger, Steve Hagenbuch and myself traveled to Washington in March to attend the National Leaders' Conference and visit our representatives in both the Senate and the House to disucuss critical issues supported by NAESP and MAESP.   Read more about this conference in the NAESP section of this newsletter. 

In this edition, you will be introduced to our new president, Beth Allshouse, who begins her tenure on July 1st.  Lou D'Ambrosio, your President-Elect, also shares his goals for his future tenure.  Meet our National Distinguished Principal of the Year, Michael Browne and, our National Outstanding Assistant Principal, Lori Barnes.

If you could not attend our Annual Leadership Conference at the Chespaeake Hyatt Regency in Cambridge this year, review the feedback from those who could and begin to plan to attend or present at next year's conference (information coming soon). 

If you have news to share for the Summer Wrap Edition, please send your news, celebrations, information to me at tball1207@comcast.net.  If there are articles, information you would like to see in the  Executive Desk, let me know that also.

It is a very busy time of the year and no matter how long one has been distanced from the spring testing, end of year craziness, one does not forget.  Debbie Drown, our past Executive Director, responded to the call for news with a story that makes me smile and reminds us that the 'kids know'.  Enjoy the heart tickle:

On Mother’s Day morning, I went for a short walk in the neighborhood to try to stretch my sore back out a little. I came upon three young children with a lemonade stand.

Me: Sorry guys, I didn't bring any money.
Them: That's okay. It's Mother's Day. It's free.
Me: But, I'm not a mom (not wanting to take lemonade under false pretenses)
Them: That's okay....have some anyway. 
I then start talking with them (of course) about school. 
Me: I used to be a principal. 
Littlest one (slapping his hand to his forehead): Holy Cow! That's hard work. 
Well, my back was still sore, but my heart and soul felt much better! That kid is going places!"

May your school closings be celebrations of all achieved with an abundance of adult and student smiles made complete by recognition of your hard work! 


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MAESP Spotlight

Beth Allshouse, MAESP President July, 2017 - 2018

Beth is beginning her second year as Principal of Northern Middle School in the Washington County Public School System. Previously she served 7 years as an elementary school principal, 3 years as an assistant principal, and 11 years as a teacher. Originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area Beth holds degrees in Elementary Education and Curriculum & Instruction/Administration & Supervision from Indiana University of PA and McDaniel College. She is also an NAESP certified Principal Mentor.

Beth believes in building a school culture that functions like family with students and staff members and the community. She believes in celebrating the great things that happen in our schools every day - Because by celebrating what's right then you will have the energy to problem solve what's wrong. 

A colleague convinced Beth to become involved with MAESP several years ago and she believes it's one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“MAESP is about advocacy, service, and support for the those in administrative roles. Through MAESP I have experienced excellent professional development opportunities, networking, fun, and new friendships.”

“My vision for my presidency is to widen my MAESP family by encouraging more colleagues from around the state to join us. It is my hope that next year's MAESP Annual Conference will be a collaborative venture with MAESP and MASSP, with outstanding professional development sessions that appeal to all levels of the Principalship.”

Please follow Beth on Twitter @PrincipalBeth as she celebrates this new year of challenges as a Maryland Principal and as MAESP President!


 Lou D'Ambrosio, MAESP President-Elect, with Beth Allshouse at the Annual Conference March 2017

Lou has been a member of MAESP and served on the Executive Board for the last seven years. During this time, he has been an active member by serving in several capacities. He was the Zone 3 representative for the Nominating Committee for the position of NAESP Vice President (2016), attended the National Leaders Conference on Capitol Hill (2012), attended the NAESP conference (2016), annually attends the MAESP conferences, serves on the Communications Committee and assisted in maintaining the MAESP Website and selecting its new design.

Proudly spending 16 years of his 17 year-career in Charles County Public Schools, Lou began his career as a Special Education Teacher and transitioned to administration. During his last year as Vice Principal, Lou received the award of “Vice Principal of the Year” for Charles County Public Schools.

Lou’s goals as President will be to continue to increase communications with the MAESP membership and to have MAESP become a go to organization for aspiring administrators.  

“I would love to create a partnership with local universities and colleges to give aspiring leaders, through their coursework and internships some insight and opportunities while becoming life-long MAESP members. Being on the ground floor and assisting aspiring leaders through active participation from all members in order to foster new ideas, to share knowledge and to address challenges will increase our capacity as an organization for leadership.”

Lou envisions doing this by using the various communication tools available through our new website. For example, the use of blog posts to create Professional Learning Communities where members can write about issues or ask questions that they are concerned about. Additionally, he would like to continue to increase MAESP’s use of social media to share ideas and increase communications.

“I would hope to continue to work collaboratively with the MAESP membership to address common needs and challenges of all principals. I am looking forward to enjoy the time as MAESP President while continuing to serve the students of Maryland, aspiring leaders, and fellow Maryland administrators.”

Maryland's National Distinguished Principal -

Michael Browne, second from right, with Superintendent Louis Taylor, Worcester County

Michael Browne, principal of Pocomoke Elementary School in Worcester County, was selected as this year's National Distinguished Principal.  Michael is described by his superintendent, Louis H. Taylor,  as someone who "believes in educating the whole child, and (he) has taken steps to ensure that each student in his care is receiving the social and emotional support needed for success.  With unparalleled professionalism and integrity, Mr. Browne leads by example.  He encourages his staff to be innovative and he fosters their professional creativity with excitement and engagement".

As principal of Pocomoke Elementary School, Michael Browne has earned recognition for his instructional leadership and providing professional development opportunities for his teachers by participating as a pilot school in Maryland's Formative Assessment for Maryland Educators initiative; served as a pilot school for the Maryland Collaborative Model for Peer Coaching, launched an art-immersion initative through a Wahl Foundation Grant; utilized local grants to expand environmental/economic literacy and STEM learning opportunities for students through an Outdoor Learning Classroom on school grounds; and, promoted digital learning while emphasizing 'blended learning'. 

All of Michael's supporters characterized him as a 'visionary with energy and drive' that benefits all students, staff, and parents of Pocomoke Elementary as well as Worcester County Public Schools.

Congratulations Michael Browne!  Michael received a $5000.00 award from Mentoring Minds and will travel to Washington D.C. in the fall for special ceremonies and NAESP recognition

Maryland's National Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year-

 Lorie Barnes, on the left, with Donna O'Shea, Principal Monarch Global Academy


Lorie Barnes, Assistant Principal and Dean of Academics at Monarch Global Academy in Anne Arundel County is our National Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year.  Lorie was instrumental, along with her principal, in opening the public contract school three years ago.  She is passionate and works in partnership with her principal to support students, faculty and parents.  Lorie believes that to create "positive chage and maintain high expectations, there needs to be shared leadership and deliberate effort to understand, have empathy, and to act on behalf of others".  

Responsilble, organized, dependable, consistent are used to describe Lorie.  Lorie sets high expectations and models her beliefs daily.  "Even the smallest acts of service in leadership make big deposits in the mindset of staff members to show how much I care about every aspect of our school.  When I demonstrate a willingness to do whatever it takes to help teachers and students, I can create high expectations and a positive culture with others".

Congratulations Lorie Barnes!

Spotlight on Assistant Principals, NAESP

The assistant principal occupies a unique position at his or her school. The old stereotype of assistant principals as the enforcers of discipline is challenged by the much more varied and nuanced roles they occupy in today’s schools. As administrators, instructional leaders, and family partners, they not only provide critical support to the principal, but play an essential part in making a school successful. As part of a Principal magazine roundtable, we asked assistant principals to share some of their best practices on the assistant principalship. Here’s what they had to say:

 On the ideal working relationship with their school principal: 

We set out to define our leadership style as a collaborative team approach. We accomplish this by communicating consistently throughout the day, sharing responsibility for specific tasks, and asking for guidance and feedback from each other and our staff. 

Amanda Yates, Associate Principal of Frances C. Richmond Middle School in Hanover, New Hampshire.

 On balancing administrative work with instructional leadership:

 I personally enjoy attending pedagogical conferences and workshops with teachers, which provides opportunities to connect on a more informal level and learn together. By leading the way in professional development, learning together has shown to be a successful motivator on both sides of the desk. 

—Jennifer Klipp, Elementary Assistant Principal at Bob Jones Academy in Greenville, South Carolina.

 On the biggest challenge for APs:

 The biggest challenge is finding your own leadership voice and style that both allows for a united front with your school principal, as well as gives you the ability to share your own vision and passion within the school organization. 

—Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac, Assistant Principal of Northern Parkway School in Uniondale, New York.

 You must work with the drive of an entrepreneur starting a new business to efficiently lead a school to success. Balance takes planning and a mission, and then prioritizing each day around school duties, this mission, and personal goals. 

—Stanley McMichael, Assistant Principal of Western Elementary School in Newnan, Georgia.

 On strengthening the leadership team between principals and assistant principals: 

Finding a way to communicate regularly with your principal is key. However, the nature of our position often leaves little time for face-to-face conversations throughout the day. Using an app called Voxer has been the greatest asset in enhancing communication with my principal in that I can leave messages to plant the seed for honest conversations. We use Voxer for topics ranging from the mundane to those that spark courageous conversations around equity, diversity, and cultural responsible pedagogy. 

—Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac


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Annual Conference Update: Spring 2017

Attendees and participants at this year's Annual Leadership Conference held at the Chesapeake Hyatt Regency were overall very pleased with the venue, professional development and networking!  Read the survey results:

MAESP Conference Survey 2017 - 55 survey participants*- (105 Attendees)

My Current Role in Education is:

  • Principal                                               78.2%
  • Assistant Principal                                  12.7%
  • Central Office Instructional Staff              3.6%
  • Superintendent                                      0%
  • Retired Principal                                        1.8%
  • Other                                                          3.6%


Hosting the conference at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MD added to my overall positive conference experience. I really enjoyed….(check all that apply)

  • 85.5%    Room Accommodations
  • 61.8%    Dining Options
  • 65.5%    Amenities
  • 89.1%    Driving Distance
  • 81.8%    Opportunities for socialization w/ colleagues


Better Locations for the MAESP conference might be:

  • Hyatt Regency
  • Annapolis
  • Keep it at the Hyatt Regency
  • Nice Hotel in Ocean City
  • I think this is a great venue
  • Annapolis or Ocean City
  • Great Choice!


 Do you plan to attend the MAESP conference in 2018?

  • 80%        I plan to attend
  • 0%          I do not plan to attend
  • 14.5%    I am unsure if I will attend
  • 50.9%    I plan to encourage colleagues to attend


Friday’s keynote speaker Carol Ann Tomlinson was:

  • 49.1%    Excellent
  • 40%        Very Good
  • 10.9%    Good


Comments I have about the keynote provided by Carol Ann Tomlinson:

  • Glad to have the resources that she shared. Got me thinking more about small group instruction as we move to a gifted site next SY
  • I liked how there was a follow-up session.
  • She is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of information to share. A little dry, but overall very good.
  • I wish there would have been more time to interact with her after her remarks.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Tomlinson's keynote and break out session.
  • She is very knowledgeable and able to teach or refresh our skills.
  • I enjoyed the small group session better.
  • Provided real examples-seemed to understand the realities of today
  • Wish her follow-up session was longer.
  • Her ideas could be put into play immediately.
  • I fully enjoyed her presentation!
  • It hit some excellent points and provided some very clear direction. I would appreciate if it was a little more dynamic, but overall she was very good.
  • Absolutely wonderful keynote.
  • I was unable to attend this session, but it was a required field to complete. I marked Very good, because I heard others reference it during other sessions.
  • Wonderful speaker, assisted in PD for use in current job as well as when I become a Principal.
  • Excellent! I really enjoyed digging into differentiation!
  • I always enjoy hearing from her as I always have a few "take aways."
  • Confirmed the need for differentiation and individualizing education. She's very endearing and wonderful to listen to.
  • She is an excellent speaker. Grounded with real world experience.


Saturday’s Keynote speaker Barrington Irving was:

  • 68.2%    Excellent
  • 27.3%    Very Good
  • 4.5%      Good


Comments I have about the keynote provided by Barrington Irving:

  • He did a good job of explaining his program and the importance of education.
  • I'm sorry I had to miss him. I was REALLY looking forward to hearing him speak!
  • Very inspirational specifically for the diverse population of students we service.
  • Mr. Irving was very engaging and delivered a wonderful message.
  • Wonderful STEM connections! Neat to learn about his adventures!
  • I didn't like the fact that he was selling something.
  • I would have liked to have had Capt. Irving's presentation to kick off the conference - so inspiring!
  • He was such an inspiration, I plan to contact him to visit my school. I also plan to order some of his materials he presented at the conference.
  • While it is vendor-centered, it was on point. The power of the story was beyond impressive and clearly supported the vision presented.
  • Inspirational
  • Outside of the box thinking for educating our students. WOW!!
  • Motivating, engaging, inspirational
  • Great closing, and to hear about his experiences and achievements.
  • very intriguing!
  • Talk about getting energized! What an amazing life story and success story. Definitely about living your dream and make it happen!
  • He was inspirational.
  • Excellent Speaker and Motivator - Great choice!!!


Suggestions I have for future keynote speakers for the MAESP conference are:

  • I'd love to hear from Eric Jensen (brain based instruction), Joan Adams of Adams Educate (teaching/leadership strategies), Sangiovanni (leading/teaching/observing)
  • A good motivational speaker might be helpful. Stress and job demands around the State seems pretty high.
  • Steven M. Constantino; Principal Kafele
  • Couros, Guskey
  • Pedro Nogeura
  • Jamie Casap - Google Edu
  • Brian Mendler
  • I also enjoyed hearing from our state superintendent. I am sure she would always have something relevant to relate to us.
  • Having national figures is a big draw.
  • Edwidge Danticat


Please check all that apply regarding the concurrent sessions offered during the MAESP conference:

  • 94.5%    Topics were relevant
  • 81.8%    Presenters were engaging
  • 49.1%    There were enough session choices
  • 20%        There were not enough session choices
  • 50.9%    The 45 minute sessions were just the right amount of time
  • 36.4%    The 45 minute sessions needed to be longer


Please list future topics for concurrent sessions that you would like to see at the MAESP Conference or any additional comments you have about the concurrent sessions:

  • I think the topics were good, there just needs to be a few more offerings.
  • More technology sessions about standards based grading
  • We should have a session where principals share their instructional ideas
  • More on NextGen
  • Motivation, technology integration for leaders, School sharing Best practices
  • Tough questions to answer as it was dependent on the presenter and particular topic.
  • Best Instructional Practices from Successful Schools; School Improvement. Accept proposals and see what colleagues have to offer.
  • Hour long sessions
  • Kelly Pollitt from NAESP to give the overview of the political landscape in education.
  • Topics about math and reading instruction
  • Enjoyed superintendents round table, well-attended aspiring leaders
  • some sessions could be longer
  • Human Resources/Employment Law
  • last year i felt there were more choices during each session. At one session, there was nothing that was very interesting to go to and we skipped that 45 minute session
  • creative strategies for observing teachers, ways to increase school climate, Maker Space at the Elementary School Level
  • Collaboration Time/Sessions to share best practices with other schools on focus topics.
  • Equity and excellence in education


 What is the best time of year for you to attend the MAESP conference?

  • 54.5%    Jan-Mar
  • 34.5%    April-Jun
  • 7.3%      July-Sept
  • 25.5%    Oct-Dec


The MAESP Conference included supplemental activities including a Golf Tournament and a 5K run/walk. Please list any other suggestions for activities we could add to the conference or any other additional comments you have about the golf tournament or the 5k.

  • While I did not participate in any, they were cool events that I would consider next year.
  • The 5K walk was a great attempt. It was a difficult decision to make considering the weather forecast. Would love to try it again!!!
  • Principal's Trivia, billiards tournament, card games (not everyone is active), share your favorite book
  • 5K was fun
  • Keep the activities. Have discounts to spa.
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Great ideas! Encouraged other staff members form my district to participate.
  • the golf tournament and 5 k were great! Loved them
  • I loved the 5K idea!


Please include any other feedback you have for MAESP regarding the overall conference experience:

  • I would be interested in presenting on "Building Teacher Leadership" next year.
  • I know it's impossible to always get room temperatures so that everyone is comfortable but I thought that the temperatures were too cool in the morning sessions.
  • I had a GREAT time!!
  • It was a great conference. This year's venue was much nicer than Ocean City. I would still prefer the conference to be more centralized, but understand the concern with locations. I also thought it was a wise use of resources for MEASP and Secondary to join together for a few of the events.
  • The change of venue was an outstanding idea!
  • I appreciated the variety of sessions available.
  • The aspiring and new principal session was great! Thank you for offering that session.
  • Great experience!
  • Great conference and session choices! Thanks for your hard work and looking forward to next year's....Frederick can assist!
  • Consider having an incentive for bringing an additional person to the conference such as a refer a friend who is new to the conference and get a special raffle for a night's stay at the hotel or a massage at spa. For the program, include descriptions of sessions and names of speakers in the hard copies of the programs.
  • Overall great experience. I urge MAESP and MASSP to merge at this point as I wanted to attend sessions in both, but felt restrained.
  • This year's conference was the best I've ever attended. Thanks for a great networking opportunity and great session topics.
  • Very well organized!
  • Wonderful conference. I was happy to establish relationships with other administrators from my district, as well as throughout Maryland! Going to NAESP with some of them and encouraged/planned for other administrators in my building to attend this conference, as well as NAESP. Thank you for the experience for personal professional growth!
  • It was the best that I have attended so far! I really enjoyed myself!
  • This was my first experience at the MAESP conference and it was an engaging professional development opportunity in a delightful, professional setting. Looking forward to attending the conference again next year in Cambridge!
  • It was great and everyone was so welcoming. I am excited about becoming more involved in the organization.
  • Great event. No complaints.
  • Thank you for including breakfast and lunch.


If you would definitely NOT want to come back to the NAESP conference in 2018 please let us know why.

  • No responses


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Greetings from your Maryland State Representative, Sue Myers

As school leaders we are facing challenging times with budget cuts, and we are often left scrambling to find the money needed for academic and social emotional programing in our schools.  Now more than ever it is important for us to stay informed about events happening in Washington, D.C. that may affect education.

NAESP continues to help principals understand the essential provisions and implications of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Now school leaders can be better equipped to directly engage in ESSA discussions in their district and beyond, with NAESP’s newly released Principals Action Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act.This research-based guide containstalking points, messaging and communications strategies to help principals engage in deeper advocacy around ESSA, and ensure that state implementation plans meet student learning needs and make a well-rounded education available to every child.

Please be sure to read this very important information and contact your local politicians. After having the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill for the past two years, I have learned that our senators and congressmen really want to hear from us.  Our voice matters to them!

For more information, please read the recent advocacy update from Kelly Pollit - Advocacy Update.  Kelly does an amazing job breaking down the information and making it easily understood.


Principals Learn and Lead in D.C.

Every day, principals do their best to support their students through instructional leadership, family engagement, and creating positive environments. Though such efforts at the school level are invaluable, it’s just as critical for educators to advocate for students nationwide.

This March, nearly 200 principals from across the country did just that by attending NAESP’s 2017 National Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. The conference hosted a cross section of professional development and advocacy programming designed to help principals grow, and provided an opportunity for principals to make a difference with lawmakers by visiting congressional offices to have their voices heard.

Addressing Equity

The professional development programming featured a keynote presentation from John Jackson, CEO and president of the Schott Foundation, which focused on this year’s theme of equity, equality, and social justice. He underscored the importance of principals’ commitment to these values, saying that regardless of a student’s ethnicity or socioeconomic background, “we must provide all students the opportunity to learn.”

Attendees had more to learn about equity in sessions that followed, including Sarah Fiarman’s “Leading for Impact and Equity While Addressing Unconscious Bias,” and a presentation on the findings in Scholastic’s “Teacher & Principal School Report: Equity in Education.”

Political Insights

The advocacy programming highlights included an education policy crossfire, featuring panelists Gerard Robinson from the American Enterprise Institute and Catherine Brown with the Center for American Progress. They discussed the political climate around education in DC, and what it holds for schools when it comes to accountability, choice, and funding.

Also in attendance was Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, who emphasized the principal’s important role in creating great schools, and commended them for voicing their opinions on education policy.

Principals on Capitol Hill

Though Franken shared enlightening remarks, he was hardly the only legislator principals met. Every year, the conference culminates in visits to Capitol Hill, where school leaders share their experiences with their elected representatives and their staff to advocate for students, schools, and educators.

Visit www.naesp.org/advocacy to learn more about how NAESP advocates for principals at the national level.

Dateline NAESP

NAESP Welcomes New Leaders - DATELINE NAESP

April was an exciting and eventful month for the future leadership of NAESP. The Board of Directors selected a new executive director to succeed Gail Connelly, who announced her retirement last fall. In addition, the 2017 Election concluded, adding four new members to NAESP’s Board of Directors. The Association is excited to welcome these leaders as they provide critical leadership in advocacy and support for the nation’s Pre-K-8 principals and the students they serve.



New NAESP Executive Director                                                                                                                                                                                  Dr. L. Earl Franks, CAE, has been selected by the NAESP Board to assume the role of executive director effective July 1, 2017. Franks currently serves as executive director of the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS), Alabama’s leading umbrella organization for principals and school administrators.

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be selected for this opportunity of a lifetime—to lead one of America's most important and iconic organizations for education: NAESP,” said Franks. “This position will allow me the opportunity to take my experiences—which include over 31 years in education as a teacher, principal, and state association executive director—to the national and international level. I will build on the tradition of this great organization and expand the reach of my passion for education and helping school leaders improve,” he continued.

NAESP’s current executive director, Gail Connelly, announced her retirement in August 2016, and established a planned transition and search for a new executive director. Connelly served as executive director for 10 years, and in recognition of her 32 years of service to NAESP, she will serve as NAESP Executive Director Emeritus upon her retirement.

Election Results

              David N. Wick, principal of Columbia Falls Junior High School in Columbia, Montana, has been elected Vice President of NAESP’s Board of Directors, and will assume that role on August 1 for one year.

“I believe that professional organizations need to listen and respond to their members.” Wick said. “The members are the Association, and the positive vision for the future of the principalship should be a direct reflection of the principals in the field.” 


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MSDE/Legislative Updates

The Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) has constructed a 2017 Legislative Session Summary and Education Bill Highligts report and powerpoint that may be viewed in its entirety on their website.   Included in this summary report is a chart which highlights all legislation that has passed in 2017 and that will impact schools and/or local boards of education - Quick Review of Education Bills Passed in 2017 

PSSAM, the Public School Superintendents Association of Maryland, is another resource for a listing of all 2017 legislative actions.  Their support or opposition to each bill presented this year is also listed.




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We Need You!

MAESP needs your assistance!  Please help us to support our vision of service, support and advocacy for Maryland Principals!!

The Executive Board still has openings for an Executive Board member from the following counties - Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Talbot and Worcester.  Make a difference and network with colleagues from across the state.  Contact Steve Hagenbuch if you are willing to volunteer as an Executive Board member.  Meetings are held quarterly.


  • Thank you to Frank Klauder from Carroll County Public Schools.  Frank is our newest Executive Board member, representing Assistant Principals.


  • We are also in need of volunteers for the Research and Trends Committee.  Terry Ball and Blaine Hawley need assistance from administrators, all levels of expertise, to move forward with this committee.  An initial meeting will be held at a time convenient to all to plan for the upcoming year.  Please contact Terry Ball if interested in sharing information about current trends, best practices, legislative initiatives with all members of MAESP.


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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events:

National Principal’s Conference - Great Leaders, Great Together! 

 July 9–11, 2017, Philadelphia, PA

Maryland State Department of Education - Professional Learning      Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 8:00 AM


NAESP  Mentor Trainings:

Mason, MI June 21-22, 2017

Alexandria, VA July 27-28, 2017

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Family Involvement Grants

Our Family Grant Winners shared their projects through Poster Presentations at the Annual Leadership Conference in March at the Hyatt Regency.  Five of our six winners' posters are pictured here:

Churchville Elementary, Harford County - Grant Contact: Lisa Minutoli

Grant Focus: Parent Resources for Literacy Learning - "Family Camp Out"

Principal: Audrey Vohs

Principal Email: Audrey.vohs@hcps.org

Fruitland Primary Elementary, Wicomico County - Grant Contact: Renee Hall  

Grant Focus: Parent Communication and Home Support  -"Llama Red Pajama Night"    

Principal: Dave Harris

Principal Email:   iharris@wcboe.org

Greenwood Elementary, Somerset County - Grant Contact: Ashley Walters

Grant FocusMale Family Involvement with Fathers and Other Male Role Models - "Build and Grow"  Activity Nights

Principal: Ashley Walters

Principal Email: awalters@somerset.k12.md.us

North Bend Elementary, Harford County - Grant Contacts: Charlotte Rutledge and Becky Adams

Grant Focus:  Healthy Eating and Fitness - "Family Fitness Nights"

Principal: Robin Payne

Principal Email: robin.payne@hcps.org

Northern Middle School, Washington County - Grant Contact: Jeffrey Byard

Grant Focus: Student Led Parent Conferencing - "Student Electronic Portfolios"

Principal: Beth Allshouse  

Principal Email: allsbet@wcps.k12.md.us

Not Pictured

Pocomoke Elementary, Worcester County - Grant Contact: Michael Browne

Grant Focus:  STEM Education - "Family Science/Outdoor Classroom and Planting"

Principal: Michael Browne

Principal Email: mlbrowne@mail.worcester.k12.md.us


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