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Terry Ball, Editor Executive DeskEditor

Executive Desk 2017This edition of the Executive Desk highlights the news of the local organization as well as the national organization.  Our annual conference planning committee has been working diligently along with our president Dana McCauley to bring a packed schedule of sessions to participants at the March 30 - April 1 Annual Conference: Creating a Culture for Personalized Learnng the Hyatt Chesapeake Resort in Cambridge and it is NOT too late to register (see Calendar of Events).  Dana also shares her thoughts about her participation in the Lifetouch Memory Mission. 

Steve Hagenbuch, Executive Director, fondly recalls Dr. George Hohl, a Lifetime Achievment Award member, and his impact on MAESP members.

Our Spotlight this edition highlights a STEM lesson and product from Cranberry Elementary School in Carroll County.  Sue Myers, our state representative to NAESP, highlights critical member information from NAESP as well as reminds us to engage our colleagues as new members.  Our legislative section highlights MSDE and ESSA and a resource from NAESP for principal action and ESSA.

A From Our Members section was added to this edition and with the help of two of our members, Dr. Douglas C. Elmendorf and Lenora Fox we have two valuable suggestions for new administrators.  Hopefully, this section will grow in the spring edition.

Don't forget to check out our sponsors!  Enjoy the first day of spring as you read the 'Winter Wrap' edition.


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President's Report

Dana with child  Dana McCauley, MAESP President, with a new friend.

Being a part of the 2017 Memory Mission was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. I met wonderful educators and Lifetouch employees and made lifelong friends. One of my favorite times of the day was our morning and afternoon recess time. The kids from the village would join us at the school site and play ball, blow bubbles, and jump rope. I learned a great deal about myself and the true spirit of giving.  - Dana McCauley

NAESP has always been devoted to strengthening education and empowering school leaders. NAESP, in partnership with Lifetouch, has taken that commitment on the road with the Lifetouch Memory Mission, a week-long service initiative in the Dominican Republic. This year, NAESP, Lifetouch, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), worked together to build a school in the village of Rio Grande near Constanza. Representing NAESP was MAESP President Dana McCauley, principal at Crellin Elementary in Garrett County. Memory Mission volunteers worked on a variety of projects, including block and concrete work, stucco and paint finishing for the classrooms. Participants had an opportunity to visit community members, interact with teachers and students in the classroom of a nearby school and participate in a day of photography for the children in this village, many of whom have never seen a photo of themselves.  During this week-long trip, Memory Mission volunteers held two-way conversations with their home schools using Google Hangouts.

                                               Additional information can be found at www.lifetouchmemorymission.com/ and a video can be viewed at 2017 MM video_Lifetouch introduction






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Executive Director's Message

Stephen Hagenbuch, Executive Director MAESP

On January 20th, you might have read in the Baltimore Sun, the obituary of Dr. George Hohl. George was a long-time Baltimore County principal and educational leader. Although we don’t have an accurate record, it’s likely that George was a member of MAESP for nearly 50 years (or so). Over the years, George served on nearly every MAESP committee and was president during the 1987-1988 school year. In 2008, George received an MAESP Lifetime Achievement Award. George had few peers in his dedication and service to our Association and education leaders across the state.

I remember when I first joined MAESP (then MAESA) back in 1979. I wanted to become active in the association and was eager to serve. One of my biggest supporters was George Hohl. He was always there with a smile and welcoming demeanor. George always had an encouraging word when you needed it and was genuinely interested in me and how things were going in my school. He always seemed to know the next steps to take. Over the years I learned that George always had good questions to ask at meetings, and sometimes, asked questions that others wouldn’t ask. Looking at a range of perspectives was one of George’s greatest strengths. I know that my respect for George wasn’t unique. Many others have shared similar thoughts over the years and experienced the same support and interest. I’m grateful for having our paths cross!

This reflection leads to sharing some additional thoughts and suggestions for us all. In thinking back about the importance of colleagues and our involvement in MAESP, it’s clear that George set a good example of how we should all encourage one-another. Maybe we all need to think about how we’re supporting our new administrative colleagues. Have we asked questions to see how they’re doing? Have we suggested that they become active in our Association? Have we invited them to attend our Annual Conference?

Whether or not we realize it, our newly appointed/early career leaders look to us for support and acknowledgement. You’re the leaders that they’ve heard about but hadn’t met until they were appointed to a similar position. You’re the leaders who can share some time and encouragement. Just knowing that a friendly voice might be at the other end of a phone line can be very helpful. Who can you call today? Who might appreciate a word of advice or reinforcement? Who can you bring into our organization? We’re all the beneficiaries of those who’ve come before us so we have great examples to follow! What are your next steps?

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Sue Myers, NAESP State Representative


Highlights from NAESP:

ESSA - Be Informed! Access information on ESSA via webinars - Web seminars provide real-time opportunities to interrelate with content experts, educational leaders, and practicing principals around current issues. NAESP provides this setting to bring together principals from locations around the country to participate in these online learning programs. No special equipment other than Internet access is needed to participate in any of our webinars. Most webinars are free.

National Mentor Training and Cerification Program: This one's close to home - July 27 - 28, 2017 in Alexandria VA!

The National Principal Mentor Training and Certification Program is comprised of two parts:

Part I) Leadership Immersion Institute (LII)

The 2 day Leadership Immersion Institute is the opening event of the program. The focus of this workshop is the actual mentoring process. Participants explore the theoretical foundations of adult development, adult learning, and mentoring. Once grounded in these theoretical foundations, the participants learn various practical techniques and strategies of the mentoring relationship under the guidance of the LII training team.

Participants receive 15 professional development hours for completing the Leadership Immersion Institute. 

Part II) National Principal Mentor Certification Program (NPMCP)

Upon completion of the LII, principals who choose the optional certification will transition into the nine-month Mentor-in-Training (MIT) internship. The process begins with the mentor-in-training identifying and selecting a protégé who agrees to participate in the MIT program. Each month, the mentor and protégé interact (electronically or in person) for a total of 72 contact hours. The mentor reports his or her work to the coach who has been assigned to his or her team of MITs. Online chats or conference calls are also held monthly for mentors and coaches to discuss the mentoring process, lessons learned, and recommendations. A final project is completed regarding the mentoring experience.

Don't forget to register for the 2017 National Principals Conference in Philadelphia PA, July 9 - 11 2017.

This first-time joint national conference will give you three days of authentic collaboration—leading to a deep understanding of the issues your peers face and how you can work together to shape the trajectory for student success. No matter where you are on your education journey, this conference can take you where you want to go. NAESP

MAESP MEMBERSHIP - Sue encourages each of us to reach out to our colleagues - aspiring leaders, assistant principals, principals, supervisors, directors - and encourage them to support and engage actively in MAESP.

Principal Roundtable in Easton - Sue is hoping to connect with principals, members and non-members, on April 6th at the Eldorado Restaurant in Easton MD. at 6 p.m.  Contact Sue at smmyers@aacps.org for additional information.





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MAESP Spotlight

Spotlight on Students, Engineering and Biomimicry...Cranberry Station Elementary

Pam Meyers, principal at Cranberry Elementary in Carroll County, proudly shared highlights from her fourth grade team who designed an open-ended engineering project for thier students.  Ms. Heather McKenzie and Ms. Erica Warner constructed a STEM challenge for their students that required  students to use information learned during their Survivor Unit about adaptations.  Students then learned that 'biomimicry' refers to utilizing what is in nature to adapt to improve or enhance designs for real world application.  For example, engineers have utilized the design of birds' wings to design airplane wings -  Airplane wings that change shape according to speed and length of a flight were inspired by birds that have differently-shaped wings depending on how fast they fly.  

Students were tasked to create designs inspired by nature to create new man-made products.

A harness to help people slide, based on penguins.

A bug catcher based on a sticky plant.

A new ball that makes a balloon more sturdy, based on pufferfish.

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Calendar of Events

National Leaders Conference

 National Leaders Conference - March 26-29, 2017 - Washington, DCNAESP’s National Leaders Conference (NLC) gathers nearly 200 elementary and middle-level principal leaders from across the country in the nation’s capital to sharpen their leadership skills and advocate for schools on Capitol Hill. This year’s meeting, which will be held March 26-29 at Grand Hyatt Washington, will feature a leadership development program, focusing on equity, equality, and social justice.  NAESP will also introduce its Advocacy Agenda, which includes a new toolkit and action plan to help principals understand and engage with the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Principals will also have the opportunity to meet with their Congressional representatives regarding federal education policy. A full agenda of events is available below. While meeting participation is by invite-only, follow the program and messaging on Twitter at #PrincipalsAdvocate.


March 30 - April 1 Annual Leadership Conference -

NOT Too Late to Register!

April 6  Principal Roundtable Easton MD. Hosted by Sue Myers, NAESP State Representative

May 10  Connecting the Dots: MAESP and Discovery Education's STEM Academy - Register Now!

July 9 - 11 2017 National Principals Conference, Philadelphia PA - Register Here!

July 24 - 26 Environmental Leadership for Principals, Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Smith Island Environmental Education Center  - Contact Tom Ackerman at Tackerman@cbf.org

July 27 - 28  National Mentor Training and Certification Program, Alexandria VA. - See NAESP

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MSDE/Legislative Updates

Maryland's Consolidated Draft State Plan for Implementing ESSA
NAESP and the Principals Action Plan for Every Student Succeeds Act


Draft Plan -  MSDE has held Listening Tours to elicit feedback on the draft plan. Nearly 500 Maryland citizens, including a large number of educators and parents, provided thoughts on ESSA. The tour made stops in Washington, Dorchester, Prince George’s and Calvert Counties, along with Baltimore City. (MSDE)

NAESP is pleased to provide the Principals Action Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act: Providing All Students with a Well-Rounded and Complete Education. Principals can use this interactive tool to engage with state and district leaders as they prepare to submit their ESSA consolidated plans and work to implement the new law. The action plan provides an overview of key levers in ESSA to support the concept of a well-rounded and complete education, actionable policy points to engage and communicate with state and district leaders around ESSA, and strategies for developing a communications plan. It also provides educators with evidence and resources to shape an educational experience based on student needs that will reach beyond the ESSA planning process.

The Principals Action Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): Providing All Students with a Well-Rounded and Complete Education was developed by NAESP in partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL). The expertise and guidance in the action plan includes resources on:

  • Standards and Assessments
  • Accountability
  • School Improvement
  • District Title I Plans and Resources
  • Providing Professional Support
  • Student Supports and Academic Enrichment
  • High Quality Early Learning

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Welcome! Welcome! to each of our newest members and to our returning members!  A huge thank you to each of our members who have updated their membership directory with a current contact address, phone number and email.

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